Al Ameen Engineering LLC CE certifies its RafRamp line of forklift ramps

August 9, 2014 10:15 am

Al Ameen Engineering has been manufacturing RafRamp forklift ramps for the past four years for leading transportation, military and logistics companies. The company strives to deliver top quality ramps in the region. “To improve the standards and increase the safety we have decided to recently get CE certification of RafRamp forklift ramps which has led the company to become the only manufacturer in the Middle East with CE certified ramps” said Mohd Shahnawaz, M.D of Al Ameen Engineering.

The forklift ramps have helped local companies to reduce time, money and effort which are an absolute necessity for logistics, military and transportation companies. The company has three different models of ramps available currently in the market. The available models of RafRamps can be found on the RafRamp website ( There are also custom orders which Al Ameen Engineering have made for local companies.

All the models forklift ramps are made of durable steel and have been tested by third parties for strength and usability. The forklift ramps are made from high grade steel materials to ensure safety and security and are designed to prevent any injuries that might be caused by substandard equipment. The ramps has been tested with local companies and have been found to drastically reduce loading and unloading times, the number of workers required to unload also has been reduced. No more than two workers are required for loading/unloading ramps thus saving time and money. Many companies got back the money invested in the forklift ramp in four months.

The CE certification ensures that the Raframp forklift ramps are structurally safe and sound and is an assurance of quality, commitment and professionalism. Customers can easily ask for free quote for the ramps by going to the company website and one of RafRamp staff will be in touch to help the customers in the decision making and planning. With a track record timely delivery, Al Ameen Steel Fabrication Engineering has sold hundreds of these ramps to a number of entities including logistics, transport, government and military people within UAE.

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