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Arab Business Club is all geared up to host the 2nd showcase your business event

September 9, 2014 9:43 am

Arab Business Club is all set to organize the 2nd Showcase Your Business event, a much-anticipated mega trade show and business networking event. The grand business networking event is scheduled to be held on 30th October this year. The club represents an elite fraternity of industrialists and top investors who organize similar mega tradeshows and investor meet-ups all throughout the year. The latest in queue, the 2nd Showcase Your Business, is going to be bigger than the 1st showcase case your business in many aspects , the core members of the club believe.

The Arab Business Club website has highlighted the key propositions of the upcoming mega business event. As per initial estimation of Arab Business Club, the event will draw hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors and shareholders from different global corporations, along with all the members of the club. The club aims to make the event a launching pad for new products and services that respective business owners want to present to the world. The upcoming event is believed to be an excellent opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs from diverse industry segments to present their ideas and draw investment and interest alike.

As the name of the event implies, ABC aims to make the October 30th event to be the ‘2nd foremost’ assemblage of C-level management people, as well as small business entrepreneurs, exporters and importers and investors from different parts of the world. For the record, Arab Business Club is a global network of businesses and individual investors having its strong presence in more than 34 countries as well as ambassadors in many European and Mideast countries.

Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi, Chairman and President of the Arab Business Club, recently spared a few words on the long-term vision and objectives of the club. “We strive to facilitate business liquidity in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The upcoming event apart, we have other long-standing objectives to espouse unique business ideas and make a match between aspiration and the right investment. We invite all key stakeholders, investors and small and mid-size business owners, not to mention the key people at the big corporations that are setting examples every day, to meet us at on 30th of October.”

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