AXA Gulf and AXA Cooperative hold Corporate Responsibility Week; focus on risk awareness

June 30, 2014 2:42 pm

AXA Insurance Gulf – one of the largest and the leading non-life international insurers in the region – and AXA Cooperative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia held its 4th edition of Corporate Responsibility Week end of June, 2014.

Part of its worldwide celebrations, the Corporate Responsibility Week is the opportunity for AXA’s entities and their employees to express their commitment towards Corporate Responsibility.

Over 850 employees in the Gulf region and KSA, and 56,000 employees worldwide joined hands to celebrate the event in 2014. AXA Gulf and KSA employees spent more than 1,000 hours in different Corporate Responsibility activities focused on supporting risk education and prevention.

During the week, AXA Gulf & Cooperative in KSA employees learned about AXA’s CR initiatives regionally, and were also invited to participate personally, by volunteering in different activities related to employees’ education, volunteering actions and sport activities. Every hour spent volunteering for protection and prevention activities were converted into Euros and donated to risk education projects supported by AXA Hearts in Action.

“Our business is to protect people over the long-term. In this business, trust and solid relationships are paramount. Corporate Responsibility Week is part of AXA’s core business: Protection. Protecting people is what we do every day and what is making us proud of our business. During CR Week, AXA Gulf & Cooperative in KSA staff was engaged to be more responsible in the way they do business. This means designing reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers, managing risks in a professional way, treating our partners fairly, and developing a work environment built on strong values and trust,” said Jerome Droesch, CEO of AXA Gulf.

Some of the activities held in Gulf region during the year included:
-Fundraising campaign to support WWF “Heroes of the UAE Private Sector program” which engages closely with the private sector to help them reduce their carbon footprint through energy/ water conservation. It is the only voluntary carbon reduction program in the UAE.
-Distributing food for poor families
-Blood donation drive in alignment with the world blood donor day
-Recycle bin installation in all AXA Gulf and KSA offices
-Medical check-ups to all AXA staff to ensure a healthy life
-Different sports activities all over Gulf countries
-First aid seminar to raise awareness on basic first aid techniques

“Knowing that more than 75% of our business is coming mainly from Health and Motor line, we have a crucial role to drive awareness on risk prevention related to health disease and safe driving as part of our strategy to protect the public and our customers. We also believe that we have a role to play in protecting the environment, supporting the communities in which we operate, and more broadly in helping to create stronger and more sustainable societies. This is part of creating a sustainable, long-term business, and becoming the preferred company for our customers, employees, and other stakeholders,” said Alexis de Beauregard, Chief Officer – Marketing and Corporate Responsibility.

To raise awareness about those activities, the public was invited for the first time to participate in AXA’s CR Week through a contest on social networks in which all employees shared pictures of their activities and volunteering actions through the hashtag #AXACRWeek. The author of the most retweeted picture had the opportunity to visit a project of AXA’s NGO partner, CARE, and learn more about the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations.

For additional information, please contact:
Alexis de Beauregard
AXA Gulf Marketing & Corporate responsibility,
Tel: +97144476350