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Baby diapers rushed to Gaza courtesy of Fine

August 2, 2014 1:50 pm

In cooperation with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and Tkiyet Um Ali, FHH donated 1.25 million diapers to the people of Gaza, in different sizes to accommodate children of all ages and cover the needs of families. The move was made in efforts to stand by the people of Gaza during Israel’s latest aerial bombardment of the impoverished coastal enclave.

Mr. Salim Karadsheh, the CEO of FINE Hygienic Holding, commented on the company’s current humanitarian program saying, “Due to the ongoing atrocities seen in Gaza and the need for basic items like baby diapers, we feel it is our responsibility to stand by our people in such tragic times. We hope that our humble efforts have been a candle amidst all the darkness endured by the people of Gaza.”

Mr. Karadsheh went on to add, “We recognize the unfairness in the capabilities of the two warring parties in this conflict, and that our people get limited resources compared to the aid and capabilities the other party receives from the international brands and from many Western countries. As Fine is an Arab brand working exclusively across all Arab markets, we believe it is our obligation to play a modest role in balancing this unfairness. We have done so before, and while we hope not to need to donate to Gaza again, yet we are committed to support our people wherever the need may be. We strongly encourage our regional friends and partners to organize similar relief aid programs directed toward Gaza.”