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Bahrain Polytechnic students offeres sponsorship to London

July 2, 2014 9:39 am

Bahrain Polytechnic is set to send its second batch of students to University of East London (UEL) as part of a sponsorship program related to business, prior to a careful selection process taken place at the campus. Furthermore, ICT students are set to take an internship with ADVFN, an internationally known financial website.

Over twenty students, in which thirteen were accepted, had the opportunity to be selected for sponsorship to go to the English capital, compared to last years’ batch of eight students. The candidate selection process consisted of a credible interview and a strong academic background being the key criteria.

The criteria was being a 3rd and 4th year student and having a GPA greater than 3. Additionally, they had to be knowledgeable, passionate and acquire the ability to represent the Kingdom of Bahrain and Bahrain Polytechnic positively while in London. Acting CEO Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri believes all candidates demonstrated an excellent impression to the panel members, making the selection process difficult as only thirteen were able to go to London.

“From my view, I think the students we’ve chosen proved themselves as determined candidates and would be excellent ambassadors for Bahrain and the Polytechnic. Our relationship with University of East London enables our students to get to get more knowledge, familiarize with different cultures and earn abroad experience. We also share a similar academic model [with UEL], which is based on practical learning,” said Dr. Al Aseeri.

Starting from July 16, the sponsored business students will have the chance to visit Canary Wharf, the HUB of the financial sector located in East London, for 25 days where they will take part in interesting lectures and visit many widely known industries such as Barclays, KPMG and the London Stock Exchange. In addition, the sponsored ICT students will undertake an internship for two months with ADVFN, a well recognized financial website which offers online data and services to private investors.

Acting CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri would like to thank UEL and ADVFN for their support, as their cooperation helps Bahrain Polytechnic to meet the goals of Bahrain’s 2030 Vision and the governments 2011-2014 program. Furthermore, he thanked the Business School senior managers for their dedication to select the best candidates for the program and wishes them a knowledgeable trip to London.

For more info please contact:
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Marketing & Communications Department
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