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Bahrain SMEs Development Society targets health sector with new committee

August 25, 2014 4:00 pm

Bahrain Small and Medium Enterprises Development Society announced that it has formed new committee that aims to provide support free consultations to private sector health clinics. The new formed “Private Clinics and Health Centers Development Committee” is chaired by Dr. Fadheela Mohammad and aims to provide further development opportunities for this sector.

Mr. Ahmad Al Saloom, Chairman of Bahrain SMEs Development Society commented “the private clinics and health centers are an important segment of the Bahraini economy. The total value of investments in this segment is estimated to around BD 300 million. The committee is targeting 120 clinics and health centers and it will provide its members with free consultations”.

“During the past 3 weeks, the committee started to visit a number of health centers ,and so far 5 clinics have joined the committee as members and they request ideas and proposals to develop its business. We will continue to meet other clinics and offer them with various services that we can help them to get such as getting advanced and modern equipments. during our meetings with clinics managers, we found out that they have sufficient skills but some of them lack modern equipments”. Mr. Al Saloom added.

“We will cooperate with National Health Regulatory Authority and Bahrain Medical Society to attract new investors in the Health sector. Also, we will work with existing clinics and help them in cutting their cost by facilitating the process of getting support from both Tamkeen and Bahrain Development Bank”.

“Bahrain SMEs Development Society will organize a specialized medical exhibition in the field of medical equipments during December 2014. It will provide the opportunities for the health sector specialists to buy the latest and advanced equipments. We have invited a number of international specialized companies. Moreover, we received some request from GCC companies who are willing to participate in this event.