Bank al Etihad announces first ‘Annual SME Awards 2014’ winners

November 20, 2014 12:31 pm

Bank al Etihad has named the three winners of its first ‘Annual SME Awards’ during a ceremony held on Tuesday 18 November at the King Hussein Business Park. The winning companies are Madfoo3atCom under the category of ‘Best SME’, Jadara Electronics under the category of ‘Businesswoman of the Year’, and Gibran Translation Services Company under the category of ‘Best Startup’.

During the ceremony, Bank al Etihad also announced the launch of its ‘Shorouq Program’, which offers a comprehensive set of banking solutions and both financial and non-financial services specifically designed for women across Jordan.

Madfoo3atCom provides a 24/7 national service for bill payments, connecting banks, billers and end customers through convenient and secure e-channels. Its innovative approach is designed to enhance business processes, improve customer service, and reduce costs for all parties. Jadara Electronics specializes in the provision of applied engineering products and services, and is a market leader in the supply of educational and test instruments across various engineering-related sectors. Gibran Translation Services Company is a provider of superior quality translation, editing and copywriting services, catering to leading organizations, consulting firms, financial institutions and NGOs. Gibran has served over 65 clients across the world in more than 15 languages with a focus on the Arabic language.

Winners of the ‘Best SME’ and ‘Businesswoman of the Year’ categories each received JD25,000, and the winner of the ‘Best Startup’ category was granted JD10,000. All three winners will be provided with professional mentorship and support, in addition to guidance from the Bank al Etihad team.

“I would like to congratulate our winners, each of whom serves as a model example as an active contributor to creating a diverse economic environment, generating employment opportunities and advancing the national economy. By launching the ‘Annual SME Awards’, we strive to firmly position Bank al Etihad as a supporter of SMEs in Jordan, and as the premier provider of banking tools and facilities that enable entrepreneurs to establish and sustain new projects,” commented Bank al Etihad Chairman Isam Salfiti.

Launching the first ‘Annual SME Awards’ underscores Bank al Etihad’s efforts to support entrepreneurship and celebrate the accomplishments of SMEs. The winners were selected following a transparent and rigorous evaluation process based on four criteria including: Financial Strength, Sustainability, Creativity and Social Impact.

During the ceremony, Bank al Etihad also unveiled its Shorouq Program, a first-of-its-kind offering tailored for women, whether they are professionals, business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs, or are planning their personal and family finances. Translating into ‘Sunrise’ in Arabic, Shorouq represents the potential of a new day and is geared towards enabling women to achieve the financial freedom and security they aspire towards.

Shorouq Program features competitive and flexible banking solutions, all of which will be announced in the near future. As an extension of the Shorouq Program, Bank al Etihad created the Shorouq website – – an e-knowledge channel that serves as a credible reference for women in various fields and a platform to exchange expertise and information.

Commenting on this step, Bank al Etihad General Manager H.E. Nadia Al Saeed stated, “The Shorouq Program is an extension of Bank al Etihad’s corporate identity and values of professionalism, transparency and equal opportunity, all of which have helped us attract a significant number of qualified Jordanian female employees. As such, 45 percent of our workforce are women, all of whom receive the same rights and financial and non-financial benefits as their male counterparts. Bank al Etihad’s executive management is also represented by a female, which is further testament to our belief in the importance of supporting women.”

H.E. Al Saeed added, “Enhancing women’s participation in and contribution to the national economy directly impacts Jordan’s economic growth and gross domestic product. By introducing the Shorouq Program we seek to empower women to gain access to funding, knowledge and markets.”