Bee’ah’s Revolutionary Data Destruction & Recycling service ensures maximum protection against dangerous security breaches

August 25, 2014 2:47 pm

Bee’ah, the Middle East’s leading integrated environmental and waste management company, first introduced Confidential Document & Data Destruction and Recycling solutions in 2009, to protect UAE businesses and government entities from data theft or security breaches. Today, the all-encompassing services handle a variety of media – from hard drives, to back-up tapes, paper, electronics and plastics – and provide secured confidential document, records, and materials destruction using state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks.

Bee’ah’s pioneering mobile document destruction, paper shredding and electronic data disposal services are designed to help businesses or government entities dispose of confidential materials in a safe, secure and eco-friendly way. The company’s Confidential Document & Data Destruction and Recycling division currently serves over 100 clients spanning various industries including finance, banking, insurance, legal, logistics, education, hospitality, telecommunication, medical and retail.

Over the years, Bee’ah has managed to securely destroy and recycle over 2500 tonnes of confidential materials – which is equivalent to saving more than 42,500 trees.

The Document & Data Destruction and Recycling initiative includes one-time pickup, drop-off, and witnessed destruction; this, in turn, keeps data secure while dismantling equipment in an environmentally-friendly way.

“We launched these innovative document and data disposal procedures – which strictly adhere to international data destruction standards – to help curb the alarmingly high risks of identity theft and security breaches that exist today,” said Khaled Al Huraimel, Group Chief Executive Officer, Bee’ah. “The truth is, the improper destruction of crucial data can lead to huge losses for companies and individuals alike; it is therefore imperative for all businesses in the UAE to effectively ward off these security threats.”

He also added, “At Bee’ah, we remain committed to ensuring that our clients’ confidential information is handled and destroyed in a timely, secure, professional, and environmentally-safe manner.”

In recent years, Bee’ah’s Confidential Data Destruction & Recycling services have become increasingly popular, especially amongst organizations that rely heavily on digital media to store their data. After all, these businesses face a significant challenge when it comes to disposing of their outdated storage devices in a secure and safe manner.

While eliminating storage space provides companies with the opportunity to upgrade their equipment and software as well as create new office space, it also poses a security risk as traces of deleted data may still exist in the memory of these devices. Now, thanks to Bee’ah’s revolutionary data destruction services, all sensitive information can remain safe.

The service provides regular and one-time pickup, drop-off, and witnessed destruction; handling a variety of media, from paper to electronics to plastics. All shredded material is recycled and on completion a certificate is issued confirming the secure destruction and recycling of documents.