Brazil exports $14.037bn worth of products to Arab nations in 2013

March 31, 2014 1:48 pm

According to the latest reports released by the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Brazil exported $14.037bn worth of its products and produce to Arab countries in 2013 to reflect thriving bilateral trade. Arab countries imported products such as livestock and meats; fat and oil; grains, seed and fruits; sugar and spices; and tea and coffee from the South American nation during the past year.

Brazil exported products to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait, among other Arab nations. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the biggest importer in 2013 with imports worth $2.839bn, followed by the UAE at $2.589bn. Egypt was third with $2.201bn, followed by Qatar $334m and Kuwait $306m. Among the products, the export of live animals from Brazil to the region increased the most, up 73.28% from $88m in 2012 to $153m in 2013. The export of food products such as grain, seed and fruits increased 52% to reach $262m, while fat and oil increased by 26% and reached $209m.

Michel Alaby, General Secretary and CEO of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Arab Nations and Brazil have been key trade partners and this reflects in the robust increase in trade values. Besides, traditional export items such as coffee, tea and sugar, there is a growing demand for Brazilian livestock, food grains and fruits from Arab countries. The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has always played a significant role in opening up venues for traders from both regions to further their trade relations. There is a tremendous potential in food trade and we will continue to extend our support in order to boost this thriving business.”

The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce was established to consolidate and expand partnerships, generate opportunities, and bring Arab and Brazilian companies together. It has been in operation for more than 60 years, playing an active role in boosting economic, cultural and tourism activities and facilitating the flow of information between Arabs and Brazilians.

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