Bridgestone urges drivers to check their tyres to make roads safer for all this Ramadan

June 29, 2014 1:54 pm

With number of road accidents rising during Ramadan, Bridgestone Middle East and Africa FZE alerts regional motorists to the dangers of improperly maintained tyres. Driving with worn-out or damaged tyres or with incorrect air pressure has serious safety implications for drivers and passengers and can put lives at risk.

Bridgestone is committed to making the region’s roads a safer place by educating drivers about tyre safety and helping them to develop the habit of regularly checking their tyres.

“During Ramadan roads become more dangerous due to a variety of factors, including heat and tiredness caused by fasting. Bridgestone aims at making sure drivers hit the roads with their cars and tyres in the best condition possible to avoid breakdowns or accidents. This is a special time of the year and we want people to celebrate the Holy Month without getting hurt”, said Shoichi Sakuma, President of Bridgestone Middle East & Africa.

The region’s severe climate, the dusty and sandy conditions and the high summer temperatures all play a role in giving tyres and cars – as well as their drivers – a hard time. Bridgestone advises a regular safety check-up to make sure tyres are properly maintained which means inspecting tyres at least once a month; checking tyres for signs of damage or cracks; and replacing tyres before the tread has worn down to 1.6mm.

Correct tyre condition is crucial for vehicle safety – under inflated tyres reduce control of the vehicle, increase braking distances and wear out tyres more rapidly. Over-inflated tyres reduce grip, reduce stability in braking and lead to poor handling. Worn tyres cause reduced performance; it takes longer to brake on a wet road surface when tyres are worn and there is more risk of skidding.

As part of its efforts to make roads a safer place, Bridgestone has recently run its Safety Station campaign in the UAE. The initiative took place over two weekends in Dubai – 13-14 June at Dubai Marina Mall and 20-21 June at Times Square Centre – with fun and informative educational and safety activities taking place at the stand. Motorists who visited the station over the two weekends got to learn about correct tyre maintenance and vehicle safety.

The Safety Station campaign, part of Bridgestone’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative which has been running since 2011, educates drivers across the region about proper tyre care and maintenance to enhance their own, their passengers’ and other road users’ safety.