CDA, Bait Al Khair launch ‘Elderly Happiness’ initiative

April 30, 2014 3:36 pm

The Community Development Authority (CDA) and Bait Al Khair Society, announced the launch of “Elderly Happiness” an initiative aims to improve the life quality of national elderly in Dubai who are living alone.

The initiative which is part of CDA and Bait Al Khair partnership is sought to encourage community individuals’ participation in protecting the rights of elderlies and improving the quality of their lives.

The new initiative open the doors for organizations and individuals to donate for elderlies’ welfare on the 30 branches of Bait Al Khair or directly to the bank account assigned for this. The donations will be used initially to hire additional caregivers, train them, and qualify them to cover more of the elderlies. A comprehensive community system will be developed to take care of elderlies, increase their inclusion the community, and ensure their spare time is filled and their psychological, mental, social and health needs are fulfilled.

Khaled Al Kamda, Director General of CDA stressed on the community role to protect elderlies and take care of them. “They need more than food and place to live in, when life force their sons and daughters to leave them and go out to work, they need someone to look after their needs whether its health or social needs, they need someone to listen to them and keep them connected with the community”.

“Our objective is to enter a new level of caregiving systems where the entire community get involved, we need to establish a lifestyle where elderlies are part of our everyday activities and enclosed in everything, men, women, youth and even children should be involved in taking care of the elderlies in their families and neighborhood”, Al Kamda added.

Abdeen Taher Al Awadi, General Manager, Beit Al Khair Society said: “elderlies are very important segment in UAE community, they suffer from physical weaknesses and social isolations. Bait AL Khair and CDA therefore are associating in this initiative to increase elderlies’ lives quality and happiness”.

“Our cooperation in this initiative is part of our partnership with CDA and we look forward to activate this partnership further through more cooperation and integration initiatives, in order to bring joy to the homes of families with the lowest income, and relieve distress of vulnerable groups”, Al Awadi added.

The “Elderly Happiness” initiative is directed to Dubai national elderly who live alone and which are estimated to be 468 elderly. This number is subject to increase gradually in the coming years which require a strategy to cover the additions. CDA provides trained caregivers to accompany the elderly and take care of him health wise and social wise.