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CIC’s innovative business concept to help drive Qatari private sector

March 4, 2014 12:26 pm

To facilitate the growth and development of Qatar’s private sector, Complete International Company (CIC) – an innovative and comprehensive business solutions provider for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and start-ups – has been launched.

Aiming to help realize the entrepreneurial and commercial objectives of tomorrow’s business leaders of Qatar, CIC offers a full range of products and services to support, enhance, and grow businesses at every stage, all under one roof. With a mission of providing market-leading, pioneering, innovative and custom-designed solutions that lead to the highest levels of measurable success in the market, CIC’s vision is to be the prime catalyst for economic and business growth and prosperity in Qatar.

“Being in business ourselves, we have first-hand and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complexities of converting an idea into a full-blown commercial enterprise,” says CIC’s CEO, Carmen Nohra. “Great and brilliant ideas abound, primarily driven by the wide-ranging needs and requirements of a fast-paced local, regional and even global marketplace.”

“However, addressing and meeting all the requirements of a tedious and oftentimes stringent commercial and legal process of putting up a business and converting those ideas into reality is not really a core activity of any entrepreneur, SME or start-up company,” Nohra explains. “Quite significantly, while their key competency is the effective delivery of an innovative and creative product and service, the conceptualisation and implementation of a business plan can also sometimes be a challenge.”

“It is therefore due to such needs that CIC has been established,” Nohra reveals. “We are here to address these essential requirements using tailor-made solutions that enable entrepreneurs to concentrate on the effective delivery of the core competencies of their business.”

“Our expertise is in assisting and guiding entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups build a foundation for a smooth, efficient and effective operation of their business, and our motivation is in helping them realize their dream of becoming the next successful business leader of tomorrow in Qatar,” Nohra adds.

Among the products and services that CIC provides include the development of a comprehensive business plan covering sub-plans on marketing, finance, operations and feasibility, brand concepts and designs, design and development of online presence and company website that instantly creates a buzz while at the same time enabling the target audience to conveniently and actively interact with the business, and marketing and social media services that help promote businesses to a customer base with the widest potential.

Additionally, as a one-stop-shop business facilitator, CIC also assists in the business licensing and registration services alongside necessary proper legal advice.

To assist businesses expand through further investments and capital, CIC also assists and facilitates networking and connection with prospective and trustworthy investors.


Elise Zwein
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