CrediMax receives Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Certificate

June 22, 2014 4:49 pm

CrediMax, the pioneering credit card issuer in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has obtained the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Certification for the third consecutive year. The international certificate further reiterates the company’s commitment in applying the highest security standards across all its policies, operations and procedures.

CrediMax first obtained the certification in 2011 and since then was able to renew its certification successfully. The PCI DSS is the uniform and globally recognized security standards intended to optimize the security of credit and debit card transactions, secure sensitive cardholder information during storage and transmission and protect cardholders against fraud and misuse of their personal information.

“The PCI DSS certification stands as a testament to our efforts in applying effective processes and procedures across CrediMax’s operations,” said the Chief Executive of CrediMax, Mr Yousif Ali Mirza. “It is a must for us to maintain compliance and protect critical data and assets of our stakeholders. We have heavily invested in improving the security of our infrastructure by deploying advanced security systems. The renewal of the certification proves that we have defined an effective information security process in an effort to sustain trusting and lasting partnerships with our customers and merchants,” he added.

CrediMax received the certification after an audit conducted by a global information security firm, SISA Information Security W.L.L. The certification acknowledges CrediMax’s successful implementation of security processes and procedures and assesses the compliance of all security measures to maintain information availability, confidentiality and integrity and reduce the risks of this information becoming exploited.

“The certification is a testament of our efforts in ensuring the highest security standard. I would like to thank the team at CrediMax for their hard work and dedication which was instrumental in successfully ensuring the efficiency of the security measures,” said Mr Mirza.

Chief Executive of SISA Information Security W.L.L., Mr Dharshan Shanthamurthy, added, “Congratulations to CrediMax team on achieving PCI DSS Compliance, the only standard dedicated to security of cardholder’s data and one of the most stringent security standards. The PCI Data Security Standard comprises of over 200+ requirements designed to build and secure the cardholder’s information. SISA, being the largest Payment Card Security Certification Company in the region endeavours to partner with organizations to improve their security posture. We appreciate the commitment and dedication of CrediMax to secure their customers data and going through the stringent audit process of SISA Information Security W.L.L.”