DM reshuffles licensing committee for engineering consulting and contracting companies

July 1, 2014 2:13 pm

Dubai Municipality has re-formed the licensing committee for the profession of engineering consultancy and contractors in the emirate of Dubai based on an administrative decision recently issued by Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality.

Lootah said : ‘The new committee will be chaired by Eng. Abdullah Raffia, assistant director general of Dubai Municipality for engineering and planning sector. Eng. Khalid Mohammed Saleh, director buildings department, Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Mulla, head of building permits section, Abdullah Al Ali, head of engineering supervision, Eng. Aida Abdul Rahim Harmoudi head of qualifying and building studies are selected as members,’.

‘In order to fulfill the tasks entrusted to the committee, it can seek help from employees from the civic body and from other government departments without giving them voting right. The committee can also coordinate with relevant government agencies when necessary,’ he said.

‘The functions of the committee are to consider the applications submitted to it for registration of engineering consultancies and contractors and considering requests for license of engineering and contracting offices, institutions and consulting firms in the Emirate of Dubai. It will also decide about the issuance of license as per the specific areas and categories and will issue certificates of registration with all required details,’ he further said.

‘The committee is also entrusted for the inspection of offices, institutions and companies engaged in engineering consultation and contracting in Dubai to ascertain the criteria for licensing, classification and verification of the qualifications of engineers and technicians and investigation of offenses committed by the licensed offices, institutions and companies,’ he explained.

‘The committee is authorized to approve specializations and new branches related to the field of engineering consultancy and contracting, the follow-up studies and research related to the technical professions as well as to use it to develop the profession of engineering consultancy and contracting,’ he added.