EMC celebrates transformational achievements in Egypt

August 11, 2014 4:30 pm

EMC marked the first five years of operations for the company’s Egyptian Centre of Excellence (COE), celebrating its achievements while underscoring EMC’s ongoing commitment to the Egyptian market.

The anniversary saw a first visit to the COEfor Adrian McDonald, EMC President, Europe, Middle East and Africa;and Bob Savage, EMC VicePresident and Managing Director, EMEA Centres of Excellence– who, together with Mohammed Amin, EMC Senior Vice President, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, took the opportunity to meet key customers and partners and todiscuss EMC’s strategy for enabling Egyptian businesses to take advantage of the new wave of mobile, social, big data and cloud technologies.

The visit comes as EMC continues to focus investments (in infrastructure, human capital, Universities’ program,community activities, innovation and joint-research)and resources in the Egyptian market in a bid to leverage Egypt’spool of talent.EMC’s aim is to enhance its support for its global customers through these investments, and tocontribute to the fast-growing ICT sector in the country and helpshape the direction of IT trends and adoption across the Middle East and Africa.

Centre of Excellence achievements
During the visit, EMC’s Senior Executives highlighted the successes of Egypt COE since its establishment in June 2009, citing the value the establishment brings not just to EMC’s own operations but also to customers and partners via its innovations, extensive research and development, and its focus on offering intensive IT and technical support to businesses across the region.

Over the last 5 years, the COE has grown significantly in size and achieved momentous success including expanding the portfolio of services offered from Egypt to include complex technical services such as; Consultancy and Solution Architecture;and Project Management and Logistics. Other successes and milestones include enabling business growth in the region; establishing four EMC labs at leading Egyptian universities; signing an educational cooperation agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education;training over 1400 students in 37 Universities to further boost the development of skilled ICT resources in the country; and driving innovation and applied research in the local and regional markets.

On the innovation front, EMC’s Egypt COE has witnessed an exponential increase in the number of innovation ideas submitted,with this growing to over 1400 ideas so far in 2014 alone, 13 of which were filed for patents, six incubated and two implemented to strengthen Egypt’s position on the globalmap.

Adrian McDonald, President, Europe, Middle East and Africa, said, “The key for companies will be remaining relevant as the next era of IT takes hold. EMC has made the strategic moves to ensure that our customers will thrive as the Mobile Age shifts into high gear. We recently announced a new part of our organisation – Pivotal – that is focused onbuilding the next-generation applications that will make it easier for companies to make sense of the Big Data and Fast Data they receive from multiple sources. Our strategy, and the impressive team and facilities we have built up in Egypt over the past five years, will serve our customers across the region very well as they work to meet these challenges.”

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, said, “Egypt remains a market of critical importance for EMC and we are proud to have a strong, established presence here built on the power of innovation and expertise. The achievements of EMC’s Egypt Centre of Excellence are nothing short of extraordinary, earning it a rightful place in the top three Centres of Excellence we have across the globe. Here we have access to one of the largest talent pools of young graduates, an ambitious government and an equally visionary group of customers and partners who have been instrumental to our success not just in Egypt but in the larger region. We look forward to continuing on this successful journey of transformation we set out to achieve together.”

Bob Savage, VicePresident and Managing Director, EMEA Centres of Excellence, said, “At EMC, we believe asuccessful Centre ofExcellence is based on great people working together as one across many business units to drive new value for EMC and our customers. The Egypt COE embodies all of these aspects perfectly. I am extremely pleased to be a part of this visit and congratulate the entire team for its milestone achievements and commitment to excellence of that will no doubt continue to contribute further to our innovation and growth in the region.”