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Emirates Foundation kicks off phase two of its ‘Youth Mentoring Program’ 2014

May 31, 2014 3:24 pm

The Emirates Foundation hosted the First Mentoring Workshop at the Emirates Foundation main office in Abu Dhabi, where experienced mentors were introduced to the youth mentoring program.

During the session12 knowledgeable mentors discussed best practices and mentor guidelines for the planned one to one sessions.
Launched in 2013, the Youth Mentoring initiative looks to support youth of the UAE by learning from senior members of the community, “Mentors”, who habitually contribute positively towards the society socially, financially, scientifically or economically.

The mentors who will conduct one-to-one sessions were chosen on the basis of their in-depth understanding of the UAE community, years of work experience, motivational knowledge and technology skills. Being some of the most senior and trusted members of the community, their efforts focused on providing guidance, inspiring youth and creating a positive difference in the society.

The Mentees in the programme will come from the programs of Emirates Foundation, including Takatof and Sanid, and are given the opportunity to engage with their mentors in an educational and inspiring environment.

Maytha Al Habsi, Chief Programmes Officer at the Emirates Foundation said, “This platform provides young Emiratis access to senior figures in the UAE looking to share their invaluable experiences. Further development of this program will include a portal for mentors and mentees to continue interaction. Mentors will guide mentees on various aspects of community service, career development, personal and professional challenges, careers in the private sector and motivation towards creative and innovative practices.

The Emirates Foundation’s programs provide young Emiratis with the opportunity to participate in meaningful employment and community engagement, giving them a voice to reach and work with other people to identify solutions based on best practices.

Khalid Al Hosani, Chief Operating Officer at UPP, and one of the programme’s mentors said, “Mentoring our future talent is essential to the professional and social development of our young professionals and reflects positively on our society. It is imperative for us to encourage and guide young talent to reach their maximum potential and more so offer them the right platforms such as the Emirates Foundation ‘Youth Mentoring Program’.