FM Congress alongside Big 5 Kuwait highlights theme critical for industry says SAS International

August 12, 2014 3:16 pm

The FM Congress on September 22nd 2014, which runs alongside the The Big 5 Kuwait at the Kuwait International Fair, will highlight a critical area for discussion: increasing building performance through facilities management (FM).

This important consideration, SAS International says, has a vital part to play in how we design and operate buildings and facilities in the future.

Director Andrew Jackson from SAS International says: “The panel at this timely Congress is looking at a theme that is of outmost importance from an industry perspective. The scheduled presentation on ‘Integrating facilities management at the design stage to reduce life cycle costs’ is a critical one.”

Discovering how integrating FM at the design stage can save building life cycle costs supports sustainable delivery and is important not only for commercial office or public space developments, but for facilities such as transportation hubs.

Building solutions and product materials that provide for ease of access for maintenance and cleaning are crucial for longevity, security and safety, and will place special demands on the design of fit out solutions.

Consideration of this at the earliest stages of the design process delivers long term benefits, but requires close co-operation through the supply chain.

Having operated in the Middle East for over thirty years, SAS International is widely known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interior building solutions.

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