GOIC concludes its training course on ‘the promotion of industrial exports’

June 30, 2014 1:08 pm

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) concluded its training course on ‘the promotion of industrial exports’ which was organized within the framework of its training and capacity development (TCD) program.

The course was organized during 22nd – 24th June 2014, in collaboration with the Global Development for training, at the Radisson Royal Hotel in Dubai (UAE), with participation of a group of stakeholders in the industrial sector and in particular in the promotion and marketing of Industrial exports in the Gulf States.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Bin Hamad Al-Aqeel, GOIC’s Secretary-General, said, “The session aimed to promote and raise the capabilities of the export centers in the GCC countries with the objective of developing the industrial sector and increasing its contribution to economy for the benefit of industry in the region.”

Participants in the course include those from management development of export markets and management development and follow-up in Dubai Department of economic development, the General Authority for investment promotion and export development and the General Authority of Industrial Zones in the Sultanate of Oman, the Omani national livestock development company, and the department of evaluation and certification of export companies in the Saudi exports development authority.

GOIC supports Gulf industrial exports, through its various programs, especially with the rise in the value of industrial exports in the GCC countries to about $115bn in 2012, equivalent to 12.6% of the total GCC exports. These include oil exports which amount to about $908bn, where it has become very important to the Gulf States and Yemen to develop this vital and influential sector in the economy.

The course reviewed management functions for export promotion agencies, policy formulation and implementation of measures to promote exports, as well as strategies for the promotion of exports. A case study of best practices in export development and management of promotional activities was performed. The course, further, addressed the topics of products and markets, through product reviews, company profiles, market features and studies, and product promotion programs and their samples and adaptations. It also tackled the company’s marketing plans, trade information services, support services and outdoor activities such as participation in trade fairs, the seller’s message and others.

GOIC seeks to promote individual and organizational capacities of the industrial sector in GCC countries and Yemen through its Training and Capacity Development Program (TCD). You can visit GOIC website www.goic.org.qa and register online for similar workshops or communicate with us via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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