More than half of employees in the Middle East are satisfied with their salaries

March 20, 2014 3:21 pm

A recent YouGov Omnibus survey, commissioned by our sister website, underlined employees’ morale in the Middle East region’s work force and what expectations they have for this year. The sample included 3,756 male (71 per cent) and female (29 per cent) participants from the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Only 32 per cent of participants stated that they are unhappy with their current salaries. Most of the respondents expressed that they are either content or very satisfied with what they are currently earning.

Incentives and bonuses in 2013, however, did not reveal surprising results. Twenty eight per cent did not get a raise in 2013, 27 per cent was unsatisfied with the hikes they received and 22 per cent does not expect to receive any in 2014.

When asked about their spending habits last year, 17 per cent said that their costs of living increased by an average of 20 per cent. The highest spending wason food and beverages (79 per cent), followed by rent (68 per cent) and utilities (54 per cent).

Half of the respondents (50 per cent) claimed that price inflation was the cause for more spending, while 25 per cent believes it is due to economic growth.

Saving was also a big issue, with most respondents admitting that they barely save much. Only five per cent admitted to saving between 20 per cent to 50 per cent of their incomes, with the remaining participants saving only negligible amounts; a mere one per cent to eight per cent. Meanwhile, eight per cent said that they don’t save at all.

Satisfaction with current employers also didn’t score high, as 56 per cent believes that their companies are paying lower salaries, when compared with competitors in the market.