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International Showbiz Expo to be held in Abu Dhabi this coming october

June 29, 2014 2:01 pm

MCI, in association with Xeitgeist Entertainment Group, is gearing up to host the inaugural International Showbiz Expo (ISBE) at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from October 20 to 22 2014.This is the first entertainment industry event of its type to be held in the region.

The Middle East region has a thriving film and entertainment industry with the UAE leading the market in terms of gross box office, recording $145m in 2013. Last year 12.9 million tickets were sold in the UAE alone compared to Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait and Iran who achieved ticket sales of 16.4 million tickets combined. The region has also witnessed a sharp increase in the number of screens, a total standing of more than 2000, of which 800 are digital screens.

ISBE will host exhibitors ranging from studios, distributors, media outlets, cinema infrastructure and technology providers, talent and marketing agencies, theatre companies, festivals and more. Gulf Film LLC, NOVO Cinemas, Empire International, REEL Cinemas and VOX Cinemas have already extended their support for the ISBE.

Ajay Bhojwani, Managing Director MCI Middle East commented, “We want ISBE to be the world’s largest and most prestigious Expo for the entertainment world and Abu Dhabi is the ideal place for global entertainment professionals to meet and discuss opportunities for developing the media infrastructure in this region. ”

The event is expecting to attract more than 2,000 professionals and young creative from the entertainment industry. The three day event will also feature a conference with speakers from Hollywood, Asia and Middle East that will provide ample opportunities for young creative to network with top industry professionals, receive feedback on their portfolios, and experience the industry’s current best work.

ADNEC Group CEO, Pieter Idenburg, commented: “We are always delighted to support and host new events here at ADNEC. Abu Dhabi is a dynamic city that is well placed to host an equally dynamic expo. We are looking forward to welcoming this first of its kind event to our venue and increasing awareness of Abu Dhabi’s offering as a global business tourism destination.”

Other initiatives at ISBE include the Cinematic Relief Fund, which aims to empower local communities and support filmmakers and storytellers; the Green Film Making Awards, which rewards studios that leave as little impact on the environment as possible. House of Genius is another innovative forum to bring together film makers and business leaders in a new way of conversation, encouraging supportive input and new creative ideas.

For more info please contact:
Muhammed Aamir
Marketing Manager
MCI Middle East
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