IP Global: International expansion with new office in Abu Dhabi and operations in Cape Town and Johannesburg

February 12, 2014 9:15 am

IP Global, a leading property investment company specialising in securing prime investment opportunities in emerging and developed markets around the world and providing unique property investment opportunities for its multi-market client base, is pleased to announce the opening of three new operations in Abu Dhabi, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

IP Global has been servicing clients in Abu Dhabi since 2009 and it is witnessing a huge appetite for high quality international property investment amongst an ever-strengthening client base. Recently promoted Director of IP Global for Abu Dhabi Richard Bradstock commented, “With an already successful office in Dubai, we felt it was the right time in IP Global’s overall growth strategy to open in the capital. Having been commuting to Abu Dhabi for three years, I am very much looking forward to bringing IP Global’s services and products to an even wider base of clients in the city and giving them the full attention they deserve.To cater for a growing audience, we have already placed four investment professionals in the Abu Dhabi office, with the intention of further expansion through 2014.”

Beyond the United Arab Emirates, South Africa is also a market that IP Global has been looking at very closely for some time due to the volume of foreign direct investment from South Africa into property markets such as the UK. IP Global has good access in the South African markets through strong distribution channels, one of which is the deVere Group – the world’s largest Independent Financial Advisory firm – with whom IP Global have recently signed a ground-breaking global distribution partnership agreement.

George Radford, recently appointed Director of IP Global South Africa noted: “We are delighted to announce our two regional operations, having seen growing demand from both domestic and expatriate clients in South Africa and Africa generally for offshore property investments. IP Global will assist clients diversifying their wealth portfolios by investing in more stable and established offshore markets such as the UK and US. Acquiring assets in these markets and getting exposure to the foreign currencies is also a great hedging mechanism for investors, who have experienced significant devaluation of their onshore assets as a result of the weakening currency. We also looking forward to announcing further expansion plans in South Africa over the coming years.”

IP Global constantly analyses global economic trends to offer clients the best investment opportunities and is committed to its existing core markets in Europe, North America and Asia. Paul Preston, Director & Head of UAE, IP Global added: “We are continually monitoring less well known destinations and cities. For 2014, the UK is a recommended focus for investment, with London, Manchester, Oxford, Aberdeen and Edinburgh top of the list. In the US, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Miami and Seattle are the firm favourites. Meanwhile, in Australia, all eyes are on Melbourne, Brisbane and the business capital of the country, Sydney. Germany is also on the radar, offering a safe-haven in Europe amid global recession, whilst Turkey offers a bright economic outlook and incentives to boost foreign investment.”

IP Global has invested over $1bn in 19 International markets since 2005 and over GBP140m in London last year alone. Since launching in early 2010, IP Global’s Barnsbury Place in London has seen healthy returns of up to 20%, whilst the Pegaso project, also in the capital and launched one year earlier, has seen even more impressive growth of up to 48%. IP Global’s forté is identifying emerging neighbourhoods, for example the ‘ripple effect’ of price growth from the centre of the city to London’s outer boroughs of Ealing, Greenwhich, Bromley, and Lewisham. In 2014, they have their sights firmly focused on global expansion and the new office in Abu Dhabi and two new operations in South Africa promise to further enhance IP Global’s offerings to investors, along with the plethora of exciting new target investment destinations.

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