ISFIN breaks through in Lebanon

June 30, 2014 11:28 am

ISFIN has teamed up with Raphael & Associés as its exclusive partner in Lebanon. Raphael & Associés is one of the leading law firms of the country.

Prof. Laurent MARLIERE, CEO of ISFIN, says “Lebanon is, strategically, one of the most attractive countries from the point of view of its location, at the intersection of three continents (Africa, Europe and Asia). A point of entry to a large market!
Lebanon is also one of the most liberal countries of Middle East with its free market economy. Indeed, it is a free foreign exchange market, the movement of capital is free of any restrictions and the fiscal charges are among the most moderate worldwide. ”

“Furthermore, Lebanon has a workforce of quality and a modern infrastructure to facilitate the launch of any business in the country. Besides, the Lebanese diaspora is very influential and effective throughout the GCC, Africa and Europe. These are the reasons why a company should invest in such a country!” adds MARLIERE.

The Co-Managing Partner of Raphael & Associés, Hala Raphael says “Raphaël & Associés, one of the largest Lebanese law firms, provides services across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Latin America. For several decades, our firm has been consistently ranked by the most renowned regional and international independent guides as a “first tier” firm and as one of the top law firms in the region. Based in Lebanon, Raphaël & Associés serves both the region and the GCC, collaborating closely with various leading international law firms to expand its networks and services. Our firm is a market leader in financial, corporate and business law, litigation, arbitration, telecommunication, oil and energy, IT, intellectual property, Islamic finance, real estate, construction, insurance, media, internet, criminal law, personal status, legislative, regulatory and administrative law.”

RAPHAEL adds: “Our firm is often solicited by the Lebanese Government, the Central Bank of Lebanon, the Lebanese Parliament and other authorities, to advise on various legal reforms relating to banking, commercial law, oil and energy law, enforcement law and other regulations. We are particularly renowned for the high calibre of our lawyers, who come from some of the most rigorous universities in the world. Our team is admitted to practice across jurisdictions; they never stop learning to keep abreast of changes in laws and procedures. Our reputation is built on the high quality of our services and our high international standards.”

“Our partnership with ISFIN is going to open new opportunities for us to welcome foreign investors in Lebanon and advise them about Islamic markets” adds RAPHAEL.
ISFIN is the world’s leading platform for law firms specializing in Islamic Finance, investments from and to the Muslim world and the Halal industry. The alliance covers more than 65 jurisdictions around the world.

ISFIN’s membership is composed of the most innovative and highly regarded independent professional firms.