Launch of irrigation channels in Bechwat with the support of ‘Live Lebanon’ and BBAC

June 28, 2014 4:26 pm

The municipality of Bechwat has launched a development project to build irrigation channels, with the support of goodwill ambassador Fadi Salameh and the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) initiative “Live Lebanon’ in partnership with BBAC (Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries), and in collaboration with the Deir El Ahmar union of co-operatives. The project was inaugurated in a celebration held in Bechwat in the presence of the area’s key figures and representatives from the UNDP and BBAC.

After the national anthem, the head of Bechwat’s municipality Mr. Hamid Keyruz gave a speech in which he welcomed visitors and thanked those who participated in the completion of the project. He also praised the efforts of the Live Lebanon initiative. The head of the BBAC branch in Baalbek Mr. Osama Abdel Sater commented, ‘We have come to stress the care and consideration taken towards the people, without discrimination or prejudice, as well that taken towards the land, and the way it was nurtured during this project. We hope that this project will become a solid core to spread goodness to all the people of the Bekaa region. Likewise, we stress our relentless pursuit to set up economic, environmental, youth and health projects in those areas most in need of them.’

UNDP’s representative, Mr. Raghid Assi, emphasized Live Lebanon’s commitment to supporting similar development projects covering the whole of Lebanon, with the aim of improving standard of living and income. As for Mr. Fadi Salameh, he expressed his delight at the completion of this project, stressing his continued support for Live Lebanon in order to achieve sustainable development and help deprived areas claim their rights.

The importance of this project lies in increasing irrigated farmland and doubling agricultural production to benefit more than 400 farmers in the village of Deir El Ahmar and the surrounding villages in the northern Bekaa region. The Live Lebanon initiative is always striving to support the most deprived villages in Lebanon, with the aim of a brighter future, both on economic and social levels.