“LG Electronics” AC Academy conducts a training workshop on the recently launched “Multi V4” Central Air conditioning

December 24, 2013 9:33 am

“LG Electronics” AC Academy in Jordan recently held a training workshop featuring the latest Multi V4 Central Air Conditioning Unit. The unit is designed to reduce energy consumption by 30%, compared to traditional units currently available on the market. The workshop was attended by 18 consultation companies, all of which are specialized in installing central air conditioning systems. More specifically, it targeted owners, managers, executives and heads of departments within these organizations.

The training session, which was held in collaboration with “IDEAL Air Conditiong Company”, LG’s authorized distributor for the Multi V4 model in the Kingdom, highlighted the innovative features distinguishing the Multi V4. The model itself has been launched officially during the month of October 2013.

The session shed light on the reliability and superior performance of the unit by explaining the use of a set of its features, designed to be compatible with different lifestyle demands and climactic changes. During the sessions, it was also stated that the Multi V4 was designed based on a set of techniques specially developed by “LG Electronics”, including its the 4th generation VRF system which enables it to offer the highest levels of efficiency in terms of energy conservation. Other features include; its Smart Inverter technology which enables it to offer a high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 4.85, which in turn is responsible for ensuring significantly less CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, the Multi V4 Smart Oil Return feature greatly reduces the likelihood of a system shut-down during heating operation, and the Multi V4 air conditioning system can also be easily installed and its performance monitored.

The fact that it can be operated remotely also makes it the ideal choice for several community sectors including; the corporate sector, commercial sector, and entertainment sector. It is designed to effectively operate in spaces as wide as movie theaters and shopping malls, while it is also ideal for the temperature control needs of residences whether they are apartments or stand-alone villas.

Commenting on the new air conditioning system, CAC Technical Manager of “LG Electronics” Levant and AC Academy Headmaster Mr. Hussam Ebbini said that the company is committed to providing the Jordanian market with the latest innovative air conditioning and ventilation solutions, as it is keen to enhance the distribution of these innovations through key partner companies specialized in implementing and providing central air conditioning, in order to give its customers a better standard of living.

It is noteworthy that “LG Electronics” AC Academy Jordan works to train students on the innovative inverted cool air-flow system of the “Multi V4”, which has proven its efficiency in cooling high altitude buildings through pipe lengths up to 110 m, proved its efficiency in energy usage and ease of installation and maintenance. Moreover, through their own training programs, “LG Electronics” AC Academy; which was founded as one of the most important projects of the company’s social responsibility towards the workers in the sector of information technology and engineering, and to the students in these majors, contributes to open new horizons for them that enhance the job opportunities available ahead them and limits the unemployment in Jordan.