‘Majority of Mena professionals would love to work for non-profit organisations’

May 12, 2014 12:25 pm

Approximately 47.5 per cent of respondents of a Bayt.com survey, which was released today (Sunday, May 11) reveals that they would ‘love’ to work for non-profit organisations, despite many believing that they offer less pay and demand more personal sacrifices. More than three quarters say they find it difficult to find jobs in the non-profit sector.

According to Bayt.com’s Working for Non-profit Organisations in the Mena region poll, people working for non-profit organisations are considered by 60.5 per cent to have fewer opportunities for career growth, while having to endure less benefits and perks on the job. More than half of survey respondents considers employees of non-profit organisations to be as competitive, or even more competitive, than their peers in other sectors.  All of these factors may, to a large extent, explain why 86 per cent believes that turnover is higher in the non-profit sector than anywhere else. For 52.3 per cent of respondents, working with a non-profit organisation means sacrificing more of your health and family time than what would be required from careers in other industries. Salaries are also considered to be less attractive than in other sectors, as stated by eight out of 10 respondents, while 75.2 per cent also believes that job security is lower.

However, despite the aforementioned concerns associated with working for a non-profit organisation, the majority of Mena respondents maintains that they would be keen to work for one. Nearly 47.5 per cent states that they would ‘love’ to work at a non-profit firm, while 41.9 per cent says they would consider it. Only 5.4 per cent says they would ‘never’ work for a non-profit organisation. For those that would consider working at a non-profit firm, 88.2 per cent expects to be paid and 51 per cent maintains they would even expect to receive top market salary for their work.

When it comes to general perceptions vis-à-vis professionals employed in the sector, employees of non-profit organisations are perceived to be more ‘mission driven’ by 91.6 per cent of respondents, while eight out of ten consider them to have more pride in their employers. Approximately 78.2 per cent even feels that non-profit employees tend to feel more excited about their jobs.

However, according to a statement released by Bayt.com, opportunities in the sector seem limited in many parts of the region. For four in 10 respondents, there are few opportunities to find employment with a non-profit organisation in their country of residence. One third of respondents believes that there are no opportunities in their country of residence.

The data for the Bayt.com’s Working for Non-profit Organisations in the Mena region poll was collected between March 4 and April 14, and canvassed 7,692 professionals from the Mena region.

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