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Member of Zubair SEC, Shumookh Engineering Consulting, signs MoU with VIA International

August 26, 2014 1:19 pm

A pioneering member of Zubair SEC, Shumookh Engineering Consulting, has recently signed with international engineering consultancy group, VIA International LLC, on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for mutual cooperation between their operations in the Sultanate.

Founded and managed by Jokha Al Husaini, Shumookh was established in 2011 to provide engineering consultancy in the areas of Legal Advice, Quantity Surveying, Architectural and Structural Design, Land Surveying, and Project Management. The company has proven ever since a steady organic growth, enforced by excellence in the quality of deliverables and very high customer satisfaction. Jokha has been applying latest and best practices in both engineering consultancy and management, and perused well-studied strategic planning from the very beginning of her business.

The process towards reaching this cooperation agreement was spearheaded by Zubair SEC as the Centre’s team of advisers worked side by side with their member in shaping and negotiating the agreement with VIA and committed to extend all support possible to bring the best out of this agreement.

This new cooperation agreement with a leading international company like VIA, highlights the market trust that Shumookh has well-earned in a relatively short period of time, and the remarkable potential within the business and in the Omani market in their field of specialty.

VIA on the other hand has expressed through this cooperation a high interest in further investing and growing their operations in the region, led through their offices in Oman. For VIA, there is a strategic added-value in cooperating with successful local consulting firms as Shumookh, who has proven to have both the deep knowledge in the local engineering map and dynamics, as well as the positive track record of successful projects.

“We are proud of the steady growth we have achieved so far, and we believe strongly in the importance of collaborations in our field of business; bringing in international expertise and input to our projects will surely add value”, said Jokha Al Husaini, Founder and CEO of Shumookh Consulting. She added: “I would also like to express our appreciation of the tremendous support and advisory efforts that Zubair SEC has been providing us with. Their input, guidance, and support has been of pivotal importance in our work, and above all, their strong believe in our potential for growth and success keeps fueling our momentum.”

“We established an operative cooperation with Ms. Jokha since my arrival in Oman, and we immediately understood the value of her company and her high skills and capacities. Operating in partnership with Shumookh combines the large experience of our international company with the deep knowing of the local background offered by the Omani company. Moreover, the effort given by Zubair SEC was the key for finalizing our partnership, and we really appreciated such support provided with high professionalism,” said Paolo Cosenza, Country Manager at VIA International.

Shumookh Engineering Consulting receives one-to-one coaching and support by Zubair SEC since 2013 and is one of the members selected for the first round of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for 2013-2014.

Zubair SEC is one of the initiatives which emanated from The Zubair Corporation’s Social Responsibility strategic vision towards the Omani society.

The vision reflects the corporation’s belief in the importance of small enterprises (SEs) in enhancing the national economy and contributing to sustainable socio-economic development. The centre comprises a team of socially engaged and business savvy advisors who put all effort to contribute to leveraging the Omani community through equipping and enabling entrepreneurs and start-ups to grow with their businesses in a sustainable and responsible manner. Since its launch in 2013, Zubair SEC has joined to its membership 94 small businesses and around 130 entrepreneurs from all sectors of the economy to benefit from its services and support.