MOW’s Human Resources Directorate holds its monthly Majlis

April 12, 2014 10:43 am

MoW’s Human Resources Directorate held its Monthly Majlis, which aims to keep an open communication channel and promote a positive image of our Ministry, through responding to staff enquiries and suggestions and working towards solving their issues.

Human Resources Director Mahmoud Abdul Rahim explained that the directorate seeks to pay utmost attention to the human capital at the Ministry. By conducting the Monthly Majlis every month, the directorate works towards providing a better work environment to staff at the Ministry. The Majlis also enhances communication between staff and officials and provides stability and tranquility to employees, in addition to providing the necessary functional instructions and further instructions about CSB’s laws and regulations.

‘The Majlis is open to all staff at the Ministry, and is held on Wednesday beginning of each month. To raise a complaint or a suggestion, a special form should be filled and sent to the Majlis’s email,’ said Mr. Abdul Rahim.

Since its establishment, the Majlis has contributed to decreasing the number of grievances raised to the Grievances Committee at the Ministry, for the Majlis helps solve some problems and issues without the need to raise them to the Committee.

The number of requests sent to the Majlis since its establishment amounted to 35 requests, most of which have been attended to. Most enquiries and complaints are about employee rights and providing a better work environment.


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