National Center for Statistics and Information conducts training on archive documentation

March 3, 2014 11:57 am

As part of its endeavor to train the staff and enhance their skills, the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) has conducted a training course on “Classification system for shared documents and spreadsheets extended retention”. The course was organized in cooperation with the National Records and Archive Authority (NRAA).

The course continued during the period 16th February to 3rd March. A number of issues were highlighted on the importance of implementing this program. Participants were given a comprehensive idea on the features of the program, steps of implementation in order to guarantee a smooth implementation as mandated by the NRAA. Following that participants had a practical session on how to maintain files in the offices of General Managers through the digital list prepared by Archives directorate.

Staff were also trained during the session on how to manage files and assign the appropriate address and code using the approved classification system. Duration handling periods for each file during the current and intermediate phase were also identified, in addition to determining the final fate by using the extended retention schedule.

The archive organizing system in the concerned organizations (Governmental and others which are governed by NRAA guidelines) consists of a special part of shared unified documents between these organizations, and a part of private documents of the organization.

Shared Documents have been defined in the documents and archives law as similar or convergent documents in terms of quality and which are circulated in these entities. There is little much difference among them, and they are all subject to the same provisions and legal procedures. A common formula can be adopted for all bodies.


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