New online business app launches to connect Dubai and the rest of the world

July 24, 2014 1:29 pm

This week sees the launch of a new app from online business club Fit For Business. This exciting launch will enable more effective connections within the Club, with the added purpose of developing their overseas partners. Fit For Business operates on a 3 tier membership structure and the app which will be available free to Gold and Silver members of the business networking club.

The app will give it’s users access to all other Fit For Business members, a live jobs board, past online content, as well as business information, advice and details of forthcoming events in Dubai. Further benefits available to members will include member’s promotions and regular newsletters.

Founder of the private-members club, Liam Mooney, said: “We’re strive to encourage more online interaction between members. Through the app you can get in touch with other members, and get expert advice. It’s all about connecting people and doing it in a way that’s get more personal interaction.”

The app coincides with Fit For Business’s current overseas membership campaign, inviting people and businesses around the world to join its online community. Overseas members would receive the same benefits as Dubai-based members, depending on their chosen level of their membership – bronze ($100 per annum), silver ($250 per annum) or gold ($500 per annum) This will only enhance the whole Club experience for the Dubai Members giving them the international networking connections and direct business liasons.

Talking of the international membership drive Mooney continued: “We’re linking Dubai to the rest of the world. People with a business interest in Dubai can come to Fit For Business if the need reliable contacts. If you want to set up a company here in Dubai and you’re a Fit For Business member, you have immediate access to highly recommended companies, services, experts, and so on.”

According to Mooney, existing members will also benefit from the launch of the group’s overseas membership, “existing members will benefit because more people will come to Dubai, and these new people will need to use our members’ services. They will also be able to recruit more easily, and will be able to find more quality connections. The UK is one place we’re targeting, but also places like China and Russia – we’re looking to link up east and west, Europe with Dubai and Asia.

The 3 tier membership grade allows a wide range of members. At the highest grade of club membership, benefits include monthly power connection meetings, the ability to post vacancies on a job board, post blogs about company news, promotion on social media, and more. With everything being available online all members have the available services at their finger tips.