Oasis Centre donates 1.5 tonnes of aid to Philippine victims

December 8, 2013 12:20 pm

Oasis Center, part of Landmark Group, donated 1.5 tons of clothes, food items and blankets to the Philippines to help relieve the hardship of Filipinos who were victim of the hurricane that hit the country last month, killing thousands and leaving thousands others homeless.

The charity initiative reflects Oasis Center’s as well as Landmark’s commitment to its social responsibility credo to contribute to the wellbeing of the community whether locally or internationally.

Neelesh Bhatnagar, Director of Oasis Center said: “We are keen to do business responsibly, make a positive contribution and add value to the lives of people around us. When a tragedy like this occurs, we think businesses should take their share of responsibility and rush to the rescue of the victims. Hence, we call upon the business community locally and internationally to join forces and lend a hand to the Philippines in these difficult times”.

Oasis Center has delivered the donations to the Philippines Consulate in Dubai for quick transport to the victims in the affected areas.