Over 50 German investors visit Kingdom to explore investment opportunities

November 28, 2013 12:12 pm

Terra Nex Financial Engineering (Terra Nex), a Swiss-based wealth management company, organized a delegation of over 50 high-net worth private and institutional German investors to visit Bahrain to explore investment opportunities in the Kingdom.

At a special event organized by Terra Nex at the Capital Club in Bahrain Financial Harbor, the investors got a chance to meet with the Economic Development Board representative, Yousef Al-Khan, Manager, Intl Relations, Business Development, members of Bahrain’s business elite and dignitaries.

David Heimhofer, Chairman, Terra Nex Group, welcoming the delegation to the Kingdom, he said, “Given Bahrain’s history as a banking and financial center for the region, we firmly believe that the Kingdom is one of the safest and most attractive GCC countries for investment.”

“As managers of various German Private Equity funds from the fund family of Middle East Best Select, Terra Nex has currently invested across the GCC region, and especially in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In the past year, Terra Nex has already attracted significant investment into Bahrain and looking to continue on this success with this latest trip,” added Heimhofer.

“Over the past year, Terra Nex has made considerable progress in, promoting, developing and investing in renewable energy projects across the MENA region and we plan to continue doing the same in the upcoming New Year,” concluded Heimhofer.

As a part of the Island-wide tour, the group also visited tourist sites such as the National Museum, Bahrain International Circuit and Bahrain Fort.