PayTabs opens account with Bubble Bash to mark its first live merchant

July 27, 2014 3:17 pm

PayTabs, apayment gateway solution formed in 2013, has now gone live with its first merchant. Bubble Bash is a newly launched company, and is enjoying success having introduced the increasingly popular concept of Bubble Football.

However, when they initially launched, Bubble Bash encountered a significant problem, while they were getting huge amounts of orders from Instagram, Whatsapp and YouTube marketing, those orders had no way of making a confirmation payment.

As there was no online payment gateway solution available, the company had to rely solely on ‘Cash on Delivery.’ Any last minute cancellations meant that the company had to bear the losses of renting out a ground, drinks and transport themeselves.

Now, with the introduction of PayTabs, Bubble Bash no longer have to be concerned with payments not being made.

“When my friend told me about a payment gateway solution, I said to myself that it would take a couple months to actually get the approval and then finally install it on our website, but it wasn’t what I expected. PayPage from PayTabs gives me direct control over all my payments. Now I don’t have to worry about last minute cancellations. My money is secure now as I am able to charge an advance using online invoicing” said Mr. Adel Ali Omar, the founder of Bubble Bash.

Abdul Aziz AlJouf, the CEO of PayTabs adds,” We always wanted to target the SMEs and businesses like Bubble Bash which is the first of the many merchants who have joined PayTabs.”

PayTabs provides a unique payment gateway solution to SME’s in the entire MENA region. As of now, the company is fully operational in and caters to the entire GCC and the MENA region.

With services like online invoicing, which is called PayPage and E-commerce Integration, PayTabs, provides a one-stop shop for all your payment processing needs. PayPage can be a game changer; it is a service that has been made with the selling trends in the Middle East specifically in mind.

Thousands of people now use the internet to sell their goods in countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. These small-sized online merchants have long been in need of a secure and simple payments system so they no longer have to rely on Cash on Delivery.

PayPage provides this service instantly. All the merchant has to do is send an invoice to the customer’s ID. The customer then receives the invoice and is able to pay securely with their Credit Card online. This service can be used with or without a website according to your needs.

E- Commerce integration on the other hand is a complete solution for all those merchants who are selling online using a website. It is a simple plug in ready to be installed and used on your website.

PayTabs is also in the process of developing and launching some more ventures such as an online shop builder.
The E-commerce market is untapped in the Middle East and is expected to reach an estimated figure of $15bn by the end of 2015.