Pirelli brings cutting edge commercial tyres

June 23, 2014 3:49 pm

After the successful global launch of a range of innovative new tyres for the commercial transport sector at a renowned Tyre Show at Essen, Pirelli Middle East have launched Pirelli’s latest evolution of the Series:01 and the new Novatread range of tyres.

The new products have been developed using the latest design techniques, as is the case for Pirelli’s renowned Ultra High Performance road car tyres. For commercial operators, a particular emphasis has been placed on durability and safety. Compared to previous generation products, the new range of Pirelli truck tyres offer a longer tyre life, greater ease of rebuilding, and improved road holding on both wet and dry surfaces.

The technical evolution of the R:01II range touches on both the structure and the compound. The introduction of a reinforced bead means that the tyre is easier to rebuild, while the new compound formula offers a longer tyre life and better road holding in a wide variety of conditions.

The R:01II range is sold with two tread pattern designs: FR:01II and TR:01II. FR:01II is specifically designed for steering axles. The new generation tyre features a wider tread, leading to longer life as well as improved driving precision and roadholding. There is also an evolution of the grooves in the tyre, to maximise the expulsion of stones and other objects, boosting durability.

TR:01II is the tyre for driven axles. Thanks to its impressive roadholding in slippery conditions, it has been awarded the European 3PMSF mark (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake).

Pirelli is also a specialist in long-haul transport of people, with the new H:01 COACH range presented at Essen. This consists of FH:01 COACH, for every axle, and TH:01 COACH – specifically for driven axles.

The innovations for this range of products also centre on both structure and materials. The reinforced bead and new compound increase the durability of the tyre, leading to longer life and greater ease of reconstruction. The TH:01 COACH in 295/80R22.5 size also benefits from M+S and 3PMSF markings, underlining its high levels of performance.

Responding to recent market trends, the FH:01 COACH in 295/80R22.5 size has an increased load index (154/149 M). The FH:01 in 315/70R22.5 and 315/60R22.5 sizes will also shortly be made available in this XL (extra load) specification.

The Italian firm’s focus on continuous innovation and improvement has additionally led to evolutions on theMC85/MC88 range for urban buses. With new lateral reinforcements and innovative compounds for the side wall, it now offers increased resistance and a longer tyre life.

Respect for the environment is high on Pirelli’s agenda at Essen, with innovations including NOVATREAD: a new range of entirely rebuilt tyres using original Pirelli moulds. The precise regeneration process and demanding quality control put in place by Pirelli means that NOVATREAD is among the top players in the market. NOVATREAD products are ideal for those looking for the same type of performance as new tyres, but at a very advantageous price.

The Essen show was also an opportunity for Pirelli to exclusively present the restyling of Truck section on the company’s official website, as well as launching a new publicity campaign.

The groundbreaking solutions, produced with premium technology, mean that Pirelli is a true working partner for all fleets. The vehicles that actually do the work are the backbone of all transport companies. The contact between the road, tyre and business is a continuous one – as Pirelli knows full well. This is the message at the heart of a new international publicity campaign from Pirelli, in which a truck and tyre demonstrate the symbiosis between the power of the vehicle and the technology of the tyre. Each one working in perfect harmony with the other.

One can now experience this through their cyber experience tutorial, which gives you a simulation of the performance through equipped trucks in Saudi Arabia. The Sensors make it possible for the visitors to track and trace the same.

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