QBG celebrates success of SQU summer interns

August 17, 2014 3:33 pm

Qurum Business Group (QBG) has proudly announced that 7 of the eleven interns from the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) have successfully graduated from the company’s inaugural internship program.

The eight-week program enabled the undergraduate students to learn first-hand from experienced professionals about the Group’s diversified services to complement their field of study.

“We are incredibly proud of our Omani roots and therefore have a strong sense of responsibility to nurture the future of the country,” said Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al Hosni, Vice Chairman and President of QBG. “Our internship program rewards the experience of knowledge-sharing in the working-world and will not only serve to significantly enhance the theoretical approach delivered at the University, but carry the students into the business world with legitimate practical experience. QBG staff reveled in their mentorship of SQU’s young stars and sincerely look forward to watching them grow as the next generation of Omani business leaders,” he added.

The student’s accomplishments were recognized by a Certificate of Excellence, awarded to each as a testament to the skills demonstrated during their internship. The accolade itself represents the recognition from QBG as an internationally trusted business partner, and will go forth in the students’ portfolios as a reference to their valuable experience and hard-work.

Student Randa Al Waheedi was placed in the Accounting Department and now desires a position with QBG after completing her studies. “I am thrilled to have been awarded this opportunity by a business group as prestigious as QBG,” she said. “The constructive criticism I received from seasoned professionals has aided a far greater understanding of the practical side of business on my part. I now understand that academic theory alone is not sufficient, we need a strong combination of both elements if we are to be truly successful,” she added.

A fellow student, Sultan Al Yarubi, was hosted by the Marketing Department, matching his main area of study at SQU. Sultan stated, “I have been considerably motivated by the ‘realness’ of my experience at QBG, to the extent that I now aim to begin my own company after completing my studies. My time in an active business environment has provided a context through which my theoretical understanding of business has been enhanced. I am confident that my performance in the end of year exams will directly benefit from my internship.”

QBG’s talent development program is set to continue with plans already being discussed with SQU and other academic institutions across the Sultanate. Through this real-world learning exercise, QBG is equipping students with the highest standards of business acumen across an array of industries with the goal of inspiring them to utilize their experience as a ticket into a prosperous future within Omani business.