Qurum Business Group becomes local partner of Esri Muscat

February 8, 2014 6:09 am

Qurum Business Group (QBG) has expanded its growing global profile by partnering with Esri Muscat (EM) which is the sole distributor in the Sultanate of Oman for Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri), the leading international software development company specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

EM was established in 2007 and has served the Omani market through its business partner Khatib & Alami and Partners; now under the terms of this agreement, QBG will help promote Esri’s technology platform to continue providing invaluable data capture, analysis and modeling tools to private enterprises, government organizations, ministries, municipalities and utility authorities in Oman, allowing efficient planning and execution of development plans and projects across the country.

Commenting on the agreement, Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Al Hosni, Vice Chairman and President of QBG, said, “Esri is a pioneering research group that creates a rich variety of possibilities for the ongoing development of infrastructure and industry in the Sultanate, through its range of products and solutions which are provided locally through Esri Muscat. The potential created by applying the innovative GIS software increases the opportunities for growth in new and existing markets, allowing QBG to enhance the capabilities of all companies in the group.”

Faisal Alami, Chairman of EM, commented that the new partnership is a fresh start for the ongoing delivery of high quality services to the Omani market, which dates back to 1988 when we delivered a country wide assessment and plan for the GIS requirements. Since then, our commitment has been steady and our resources have grown to better serve our entire client base.

Esri has become the global trendsetter for enterprise GIS solutions since the company was established in California in 1969. The company provides various services covering enterprise GIS, consultancy, system design, cloud-based implementation, maps and navigable road networks. Its software, ArcGIS, was the first of its kind and continues to set the standard in the field of GIS. The company’s latest innovation, a cloud-based GIS solution allows users to update and access maps from any location worldwide. ArcGIS online is the unique platform for internet and cloud based GIS solutions.

Esri has been represented in Oman since 1988 and with QBG now partnering with Esri Muscat, it will also help in promoting its products and services and contributing to the company’s growth plans; the partnership will enable both companies to remain industry leaders. Qurum Business Group always adds incalculable value to its expertise and local, as well as global, presence by partnering with Esri Muscat, and providing the opportunities to use the innovative software to enhance the many sectors in which QBG operates.

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