SAP, Endeavor join forces to support local businesses

March 4, 2014 11:04 am

SAP has teamed up with world-leading entrepreneur catalyst Endeavor to promote innovative new approaches to business success in the region.

To kick off the collaboration, SAP recently hosted a series of “Design Thinking” workshops in Dubai to help local entrepreneurs shake up “business as usual” mindsets.

Design Thinking is an approach to assist companies and people to uncover innovative ideas, brainstorming new business models and leveraging disruptive technologies to deliver value to their customers. It is a human-centered approach that incorporates empathetic, innovative design that is attuned to the needs of people, building on ideas and unleashing the creative power of technology to drive business success in a feasible, viable and desirable way.

Naif Al Qahtani, CEO, Logistic Solutions Services, Saudi Arabia, was one of 20 entrepreneurs attending the workshop.

“The business landscape is more competitive than ever, so we have to constantly think of new ways to connect with our customers. SAP and Endeavor’s Design Thinking workshop was a powerful reminder to think outside the box and not be afraid to embrace innovation in all its forms. It was an enlightening day, and the approaches we discussed can definitely have a positive impact on our business.”

SAP’s initiative forms a part of a wider global partnership with Endeavor. SAP recently announced a EUR2m bid to accelerate job creation and responsible and sustainable business growth for emerging entrepreneurs, with an initial focus on Brazil and India.

SAP has also created dashboard for Endeavor that illustrates how Endeavor companies grow revenue and jobs 2.4 and 5.4 times faster respectively than comparable firms.

“MENA is very important for Endeavor. We support more than 100 entrepreneurs here, and it is our fastest growing region. We want to help our entrepreneurs think big. After workshops like this, I am sure they are not only going to be thinking big but also thinking differently,” said Daniela Terminel, VP EMEA, Endeavor.

According to a recent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey sponsored by SAP, the world needs to create more than 500 million new jobs by 2020 in order to provide career opportunities for the unemployed as well as young people joining the workforce.

“SAP is really looking to spur innovative talent and creativity among businesses with big ambition. To succeed in a lasting, impactful manner they need to identify their competitive differentiators, and design thinking can play a major role in that respect, helping business leaders take defined steps towards becoming the corporate titans of tomorrow,” said Sameer Areff, VP Public Services, SAP MENA.

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