Saudi Ministry of Labor: Nationalization rates increased 15% in 2013

August 13, 2014 2:27 am

Ministry of Labor reported, there were almost 1.5 million Saudis employed in the private sector in 2013, an increase of more than 332,000 compared with 2012, This increase is due to the growing need of manpower for economic and social development projects, especially in the construction sector, Zawya reported. There was a 16% increase in the number of Saudi men employed by the end of 2013 and a staggering 85% increase in the number of Saudi women compared with 2012. “As such, nationalization rates have increased from 13% in 2012 to 15% in 2013,” said the ministry sources. Saudization rates in the private sector rose more than 5% in 2013 compared with 2009, marking a more than 11% decrease in unemployment rates. Of this, female employment accounted for 58% that same year. In fact, female unemployment rates stood at 33% in 2013, compared with 35.7% in 2012, while male unemployment rates decreased by around six percent during the same period.