Serviceplan Middle East wins gold, silver and bronze awards at Summit International Awards

June 21, 2014 3:22 pm

Serviceplan Middle East, the regional arm of the leading German integrated communications agency proved to be a sensation at the Summit International Awards 2014, as its entries convinced the judges to award the company not one, but four awards, earning Serviceplan the distinction of being the only regional agency to ever win such an accolade.

The BMW “Fool You Twice” campaign won one gold and one bronze award, for its duck and rose ads respectively, while the “MINI Not Normal” Campaign won one silver and one bronze for its Jawbreaker and Ramadan artwork respectively.

“We are thrilled to gain recognition for these campaigns. The awards come as an acknowledgement that Serviceplan’s campaigns resonate and connect with people and the target audience.The awards also tells us that our strategy and way of thinking is on the right track,” said Moe Jawhar, Creative Director at Serviceplan Middle East.

“Without the hard work and commitment of our integrated team members, this award would not have been possible. I would like to congratulate them and thank them for their unstinting contribution, and their wonderful work.”

BMW’s ‘Fool you twice’ Gold winning campaign was launched as an attempt to warn people not to be fooled by fake BMW spare parts. To get the message across in an innovative yet straight forward ways, Serviceplan Middle East used a plastic duck which resembles a real duck, however, it clearly was not. The campaign wasserved the with a line saying “it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck” Don’t be fooled by imitations buy original parts.

The Summit International Awards (SIA) has established itself as one of the premier arbiters of creative excellence.For over 20 years, the organization has,with the help of carefully selected international and regional advertising specialists, awarded the creative minds behind some of the most powerful advertising campaigns globally.

Rami Hmadeh, Managing Partner, Serviceplan Middle East, said: “Being recognized by SIA is a great honor for us at Serviceplan Middle East. The awards are a shot of adrenaline for all of us, as they are testament that our work is an inspiration to the industry, not only on the regional, but also international level.”