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Tasneef arranges workshops for ship owners in order to implement safety regulations for non-conventional ships

August 27, 2014 12:56 pm

Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef”, under the patronage of the National Transport Authority “NTA”, has arranged workshops to raise awareness regarding the implementation of Cabinet Resolution No. 29 of 2013 regarding safety regulations for non-conventional ships that are not covered by the international conventions in GCC countries (GCC Code).

These workshops were held on 25th and 27th of August 2014 at the International Dubai Festival City and the Ritz Carlton hotel in Abu Dhabi. Both workshops were attended by ship owners and several representatives from maritime companies.

Accordingly, these safety regulations will be implemented mandatorily starting from the first of September 2014 on: cargo ships and fishing including barges, with a total length of more than 24 meters and total tonnage of less than 500 gross tons (GT 500) and passenger ships with a total length of more than 12 meters and less than 24 meters and carrying less than 200 passengers.

These awareness workshops organized by Tasneef to reduce the number of marine accidents and save the environment, are considered as a step forward in order to establish the importance of applying safety regulations on ships, which are not covered by international conventions in GCC countries. In this regard, Eng. Omar Abu Omar, Chief Operating Officer at Tasneef, emphasized that the classification society is committed to preserving maritime life and property, while protecting the marine environment, through issuing and implementing norms, standards and confirmed certifications.

Abu Omar further clarified “It is also the prerogative of the individual PSCs under the GCC Code that the relevant authorities safeguard and protect working and living conditions on board ships. With the major economic push in the UAE, it is but natural that the waters of the UAE at one point or the other will attract the attention of parties who do not, either out of intention or purely due to lack of resources, adhere to the international safety standards in shipping.”

The new regulation contains 18 Chapters with a total of 134 regulations which determine ship surveys and inspections procedures with major renewal survey at intervals not exceeding five years and an annual survey in addition to two hull’s inspections during any-five year period, safety precautions, means of escape, fire prevention, navigational equipment, means of communication, machinery, ventilation systems in machine rooms in addition to provisions for the protection of the marine environment.

From his side, CEO of Tasneef, Eng. Rashid Al Hebsi stated, “We are proud that it’s the first of its kind in the Arab world where UAE is the first country to provide safety and security regulations for non-conventional ships. We at Tasneef, will do our best not only to protect the marine environment through the issuance of norms and standards but also to intensify our efforts to spread awareness.”

He also added that “We will involve the maritime sector to work and incorporate these regulations after these awareness workshops as we are keen to apply the cabinet resolution and at the same time not to disrupt the current maritime projects.”

At the end of workshop, Abu Omar directed special thanks to all the attendees of ship owners and shipping companies for their eagerness to attend these workshops which demonstrates the commitment of the maritime community towards achieving sustainable growth through effective communication, cooperation and exchange of information.

“It’s a pleasure to see all who attended the workshops as they are our partners in raising the profile of the maritime sector in the UAE and I hope that they have got all the benefits and I urge them to implement these safety regulations because of their great importance to protect the maritime environment from accidents and pollution.”