TASNEEF organizes its first Advisory Board Meeting

February 1, 2014 10:50 am

The Emirates Classification Authority “Tasneef” has organized its first advisory board meeting to discuss the development of maritime sector in UAE and also to remark Tasneef’s current progress and achievements. The meeting was taking place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Abu Dhabi and it was attended by CEO of Tasneef Mr. Rashed Al Hebsi, Chairman of Drydocks World & Maritime World H.E Khamis Juma Buamim, Executive Director of marine transport in the National Transport Authority ,General Manager of the National Drilling Company Abdullah Al Suwaidi, General Manager of ADNATCO/NGSCO DR. Ali Al Yabhoni, Chairman of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Mr. Roberto Cazzulo, and CEO of RINA Services S.P.A Mr. Michele Francioni.

As well as representatives of marine transport companies, representatives of insurance companies, ship owners and ship building companies.

The meeting covered four main subjects including current and future challenges in the maritime sector, Tasneef’s new notations and recent rules, Tasneef/RINA progress in addition to maritime market updates and industrial issues. During the meeting, several participants exchanged views on ways to develop this vital sector amidst the boom witnessed by the UAE in all sectors.

Tasneef’s CEO Mr. Rashed Al-Hebsi highlighted the UAE’s efforts to create an organized maritime industry based on strong regulations including training, naval industries, insurance, and maritime classification. Al-Hebsi also emphasized Tasneef’s strategic partnerships with government authorities, national and local companies. “There are great opportunities and investments in the region and we are determined to fulfill the demands in the highest standards and professionalism and our contribution has been devoted to maritime safety and environment aiming at reducing marine incidents and focusing on building qualified national capacity to fill the gap technically and technology.” he added.

Another speaker was IACS Chairman Mr. Roberto Cazzulo who expressed his pleasure to attend Tasneef’s first advisory board meeting. “Today’s meeting was very crucial because the classified societies need to know the opinions of all the stakeholders. We are proud to be present in this board and we are happy to witness Tasneef’s progress to enhance maritime sector in UAE.” said Cazzulo

During the meeting, H.E Khamis Juma Buamim has proposed the expansion of the UAE maritime and the recent market updates. “We drive changes; we don’t let changes dive us. UAE maritime industry has been enormously growing and today we are honored to have Tasneef as part of the industry.” said Buamim.

Buamim also pointed out that a great deal can be achieved through strategic partnerships with established classification societies, experienced leadership, professional staff, and by applying leading edge technologies.

Other speakers include CEO of RINA Services S.P.A Mr. Michele Francioni, who gave a screened presentation about Tasneef/RINA progress. “The mutual projects between RINA and Tasneef will boost UAE shipping services, develop a UAE national technical workforce and enhance maritime safety and environment.” said Francioni.

Omar Abu Omar, who has just joined Tasneef after working at a Norwegian-German classification society, has announced “SAHARA” notation as the first specific notation which will be accommodating the requirements for maritime sector within the region. “Tasneef first advisory board meeting was a success as it has gathered more than 100 key stakeholders and this is significant for Tasneef as a new class society, representing UAE and region, to publicize its services and share its development” said Omar.

Omar also clarified that Tasneef has made impressive achievements as the only agency of its kind in the Arab world to represent the UAE national flag. “Tasneef has a great potential to compete internationally so we need to provide our support for Tasneef to ensure the UAE flag will become a favorite and competitive flag in the maritime industry not only for local companies but worldwide.” added Omar.

Furthermore, the Marketing and Communications Director of Tasneef Capt.Waleed Al-Nahdi agreed that Tasneef can enter the international competition by providing better services and unique qualities in maritime sector. “We are pleased to have all the leaders’ support here in UAE and I think all these great collaborations will add a distinctive value to the UAE maritime sector and will help us achieving our goals and objectives and it’s the time to export new technologies and standards rather than import it” added Al-Nahdi>

Al-Hebsi has concluded the advisory board meeting by expressing all the appreciation towards the participation of the attendees. “I’d like to thank all the attendees for their great participation on our first advisory board meeting. In this regards, we’d like to involve all the maritime industry entities including ship owners, companies, ship yards, regulatory bodies and producers to take part in drafting the report for “SAHARA” notation that provides better quality and services in the region by saving money and reduces the maintenances cycle” said Al-Hebsi