UAE ranks first in mobile network coverage and importance of ICT to government according to WEF’s NRI

May 28, 2014 9:44 am

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released its latest edition of the annual Network Readiness Index (NRI) where the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was ranked first in mobile network coverage and importance of ICT to government. UAE was ranked second in government usage pillar, government success in ICT, impact of ICTs on access to basic services and ICT use and government efficiency.

The report that measures the capacity of economies around the world to leverage information and communications technology (ICT) for growth and well-being also ranked the UAE in 2nd place in the GCC region.

“The TRA is building the core ICT regulatory framework for the UAE’s burgeoning knowledge economy. ICT development underpins economic growth and social advancement, and is a critical pillar in the nation’s broader 2021 Vision. Thus, I am encouraged to see that the work of the TRA has had a positive effect in the ranking of the UAE in the latest NRI,” said HE Mohamad Ahmad Al Qamzi, Chairman of the Board.

“The vision of the TRA is an optimal enabling environment in which the UAE’s Telecommunication and ICT sectors will emerge as a leader in the global market place. In support of that vision, the TRA will continue its work with great vigour and look to advance the UAE’s NRI position even further,” H.E. added.

With the theme, ‘Rewards and Risks of Big Data’, The NRI study was published in The Global Information Technology Report 2014 (GITR) and is based on data collected by organizations such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the World Bank, and the United Nations (UN).

Notable findings in the report include on international level:
·UAE is ranked 1st in Mobile network coverage as percentage of population.
·UAE is ranked 1st in Importance of ICTs to government vision.
·UAE is ranked 2nd in Government Usage Pillar.
·UAE is ranked 2nd in government success in ICT promotion.
·UAE is ranked 2nd in impact of ICTs on access to basic services.
·UAE is ranked 2nd in ICT use & government efficiency.
·UAE is ranked 3rd in Government procurement of advanced technologies.
·UAE is ranked 4th in laws relating to ICTs.
·UAE is ranked 4th in impact of ICTs on new services and products.
· UAE is ranked 4th in firm level technology absorption.

Moreover, UAE improved its 2013 position by one place ranking (24th) out of the 148 countries assessed in 2014. Improvements in its UAEs ICT infrastructure (30th) and ICT uptake by individuals (29th) have led to greater economic impacts (27th) and thus the rise in the rankings. The UAE is one of only 9 countries in the top 30 with an improved ranking.