WLP Success empowers Sysmex Middle East to strengthen its team talents’ performance dynamics

September 3, 2014 2:39 pm

WLP Success, a leadership development training consultancy run by Susan Castle and Donna Needs, recently conducted a Talent Dynamicsworkshop for the senior management at Sysmex Middle East, a subsidiary of Sysmex Europe GmbH, a global leader for in vitro diagnostics and automation services.

The workshop, attended by company’s top management, was designed to focus on the key strengths of each manager’s talents including the Managing Director, Saad Kayali.

The team underwent the Talent Dynamics profile test prior to the workshop to see who fitted which role best in the team. The attendees included a few Mechanics, a Creator and a Lord. Talent Dynamics has a total of eight profiles. WLP Success’s special workshop for Sysmex helped the management to understand what each Talent Dynamic profile meant, how it would help them enhance and streamline systems and roles, and the actions Sysmex Management needed to take for future growth.

To explain the reason behind hosting the workshop, Kayali said, “I wanted the Heads of Departments to understand their own profiles, master their own talents as well as ensure that these talents are put into good use for the team and the company. As the representative of a global leader in healthcare, Sysmex Middle East provides a lot of services through its network of distributors and it is important for the company to stay ahead of the needs of the region and its partners across the region. Having a team that is well-honed and performing at their best can only be good for business.”

Susan Castle, partner at WLP Success and Talent Dynamics Master Trainer, said, “Talent Dynamics is a great tool for helping people make the most of their strengths. Businesses that have leveraged the Talent Dynamics business development tool learn to play to their staff strengths and have seen performances improve by as much as eighty percent. Sysmex found through the test that the management roles fitted them quite well but the workshop helped them to leverage these strengths by highlighting them and showing them how they could be leveraged to improve team communication and performance while reducing stress.”

The workshop quantified the benefits and how changes within departments and reports could be translated into annual personal development and subsequent higher group growth and achievements.

Kayali was encouraged by the workshop and is planning one for the next level of management in the Sysmex team. He added, “I think it (Talent Dynamics) is a great opportunity to maximize the harmony within the team, to get the needed group mindset and perspectives of “what else we can do”; and thus develop a healthy change culture, opting always to challenge our own achievements and parameters to yield further milestones in the journey of success.”

For more details on Talent Dynamics and to set up a similar workshop, contact WLP Success.