World Bank to improve access to basic services in Yemen

August 5, 2014 9:40 am

The World Bank’s (WB) Board of Directors announced the approval of $50m grant to support the government’s efforts to improve access to basic services for the under served communities, Yemen News Agency reported. The International Development Association (IDA) grant, the Bank’s fund for the world’s poorest countries, will supplement an ongoing program that has increased school enrollment, especially for girls, improved access to water, boosted agricultural productivity and incomes, provided better public health services and promoted mobility through rural road improvements. According to a WB press release, the additional funds are destined for the Community and Local Development Program (CLDP), a core component of the Social Fund for Development Phase IV Project (SFD IV) covering the years 2011 to 2016. While expanding access to basic services, the program also empowers local communities by putting them in charge of identifying infrastructure projects that address their specific needs. A pipeline of 563 CLDP sub-projects has been prepared, 70% of which were selected through community demand.