The Zubair Corporation Social Committee holds strategic workshop

February 16, 2014 4:27 pm

The Social Committee at The Zubair Corporation recently organised its second meeting which focused on implementing the strategic objectives of the committee. The workshop was conducted by Sheik Khalfan Al Aisari who during the seminar focused on how to prioritise ideas towards achieving the committee’s strategic objectives.

The committee is comprised of a number of high profile individuals drawn from Omani society – people who bring years of experience from the media, culture, sports and other sectors. The strategic workshop was held with the objective of developing a framework so that all members of the committee can complement one another and work together towards the development of society in all aspects.

Highlighting the importance of the social committee workshop, Khalid M.Al Zubair – Managing Director of The Zubair Corporation– said: “The workshop was held in order for the committee members to share ideas and brainstorm and bring together years of experience in various fields. Their experience can be most effectively utilised to serve the society and develop our community. Sheik Khalfan Al Aisari was chosen to facilitate the workshop, due to his significant experience based on brainstorming and idea analysis.”

He added: “We made sure that the social committee is unique in its work and hence comes the idea of the strategy that is proposed and built by the team members themselves, which makes them the contributors and the owners of the framework of the committee. They have a first-hand experience within the community through their respective fields of expertise and they know best how to direct that towards serving society. The outcome of this workshop met the national agenda in this respect, a strategy that focuses on sustainability of society and empowerment of the Omani youth through developing their skills and improving their potential. This proves that we all share the same objective and same goal which is to empower the Omani youth to contribute to the development of the community. Those values are also shared by every Omani.”

The workshop provided a forum for group discussions and an exchange of ideas, during which the committee members shared experiences in their respective fields in order to come up with proposals on how each member could contribute to the objectives of the committee. The workshop also illustrated the key role committee member’s play in helping to improve outcomes for citizens in the Sultanate. Topics covered during the workshop included emphasising morals, sustaining social work and investing in intellectual development. During the workshop, the team was able to bring about and discuss the potentials and strengths of the committee members, and together lay down the tools to be used to achieve the objectives of the committee in order to serve the ultimate purpose of its existence, which is creativity, empowerment, and sustainability in the community.

Committee member Khalid Al Rashdi said: “This workshop where the committee members worked together to develop the strategy and framework made it easier for the team as a whole to have a clear vision of the committee’s objectives. Thus, it will allow us achieve the goals of the committee. Each member already feels that the objectives of the committee are shared on a personal level. They are now both personal and committee objectives. We will work together and join efforts towards a clear vision and to achieve sustainable programmes and projects by the committee.”

The Social Committee was established by The Zubair Corporation as part of its commitment towards social responsibility. The committee comprises successful Omanis drawn from different fields, each of whom have been proactively working towards the development of the society. They come together under the committee’s umbrella to discuss proposals and initiatives and study and analyse ways of executing such proposals as part of the corporation’s ultimate objective of opening channels of communications with the community and to show and practice the corporate social responsibility in the best possible way.


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