Al Bustan Centre & Residence conducts fire evacuation drill

January 12, 2015 1:52 pm

Al Bustan Centre and Residence, the popular hotel-apartment among tourists and businessmen in the heart of Dubai, started the year on a safety note after conducting recently a fire evacuation drill in coordination with the Dubai Civil Defense.

Majority of the hotel staff and long-term guests participated in the exercise with hotel employees, donning orange vests, organizing the guests at the assembly point area and directing them to the nearest exit. A fire smoke was generated using a machine at the basement and various emergency scenarios were simulated, like proper evacuation of guests on a wheel chair and carrying of those injured on a stretcher.

Moussa El Hayek, Chief Operating Officer of Al Bustan Centre & Residence, said: “We conduct fire evacuation drills on a regular basis and especially during peak season for the safety and security of our guests, visitors and staff. I highly appreciate the proactive approach of my team to continuously improve our emergency preparedness protocol and the high service standards of our property.”

Sergeant Hamdi Abdelkader from the Dubai Civil Defense was also pleased to witness the staff’s performance during the evacuation exercise and expressed his satisfaction of the evacuation drill.

He said: “All the staff who participated in this very important exercise deserve commendation for their focus and teamwork. They properly executed the correct emergency-response protocols and they put into action the slogan “Safety First.”