Belarus to welcome IKCO Dena

June 17, 2014 1:46 pm

Alexi Vaganof, Unison Company’s CEO and stockholder who produces IKCO cars in Belarus, asked for Dena passenger cars to enter this market.

According to Vaganof, Dena is a car that can compete with the sedans produced by other western carmakers in Belarus considering price and quality.

Accompanied by a delegation from the industrial section of Belarus, Vaganof paid a visit to IKCO and said the details of Dena production in Belarus site and also a new phase of cooperation between the two companies would be analyzed in his next visit.
Unison CEO also emphasized that Belarus government’s special customs discounts for importing IKCO parts could bring about a good opportunity for the two companies.

Referring to Unison’s 50% discount on government taxes and the government’s order for governmental organizations to buy Samand, Vaganof added, “The second phase of Samand production i.e. body and paint shops will be fulfilled by the beginning of next year.
It’s noteworthy IKCO site in Belarus (the assembly shop) was established in 2006.