Fujifilm appoints Mr. Yuta Kawamura as the new Marketing Manager for Middle East and Africa

June 25, 2014 1:07 pm

Fujifilm, a pioneer in photography and imaging industry, has appointed Mr Yuta Kawamura as its new Marketing Manager in the Electronic Imaging Division for Fujifilm Middle East & Africa, the head office being situated in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Mr Kawamura will be responsible for managing and optimizing marketing operations, channelling investments, facilitating retailer-brand relationship and further escalating the brand’s business and presence across the region of Middle East & Africa.

“The key aspect of my job is to expand the X-Series Camera and lens business in the market of Middle East & Africa, thereby gaining on the market share and demonstrating a positive growth pattern, this is all I want to focus on right now,” said Mr Yuta Kawamura the Marketing Manager of Electronic Imaging Division, Fujifilm Middle East & Africa.

As a dedicated and determined employee of the Fujifilm Corporation, Mr. Yuta Kawamura has spent a substantial part of his career proving his mettle in competitive markets.

With a vast experience across consumer sales in the Japanese domestic market, Mr Kawamura is recognised for his commitment to the FUJIFILM brand, strong work principles and brings with him a synergy of marketing knowledge and expertise to Fujifilm Middle East & Africa.