Havas study: Regional luxury consumers use social media extensively

June 18, 2014 6:38 pm

By Florence Pilkington

Ninety per cent of luxury consumers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia uses a variety of social media sites each day, reveals a Havas study.

The LuxHub Insights 2014 Luxury Digital Outlook examines the use of social media within the regional luxury industry by analysing 95 brands over three categories: fashion, watches and jewellery, and fragrances and cosmetics.

According to the report, 97 per cent of surveyed brands have global Facebook pages; of which zero per cent has localised posts and only four per cent has region-specific Facebook pages. On Twitter, meanwhile, 76 per cent has global Twitter accounts, but only three per cent has regional Twitter handles. It also adds that, without region-specific pages, brands are missing out on the opportunity to converse with consumers outside of their main markets.

When looking at Instagram and Pinterest, none of the surveyed brands had regional accounts specific to the Middle East on both platforms, although the study reveals that Instagram generates 15 times more luxury brand engagement, similar to Facebook, in the region. Although Pinterest may be more suitable to gain awareness, it does not have the ability to engage with users.

Online video has become an important component of the digital media scene – all luxury brands have global YouTube channels.

Meanwhile, the report adds that 58 per cent of regional consumers follows luxury brands to keep up with trends and fashion, and would also like to see more focus on local content. Hence, it’s important to build brand desire to attract and retain customers, and also make sure that they don’t publish mainstream content.