IL Giardino Marino Di BVGLARI

April 28, 2014 4:43 pm

With IL Giardino Marino di BVGLARI, BVGLARI continues to explore the wonders of nature’s gardens, this time by taking elegant individuals on a journey of horologic complications through the rare universe of marine beauty.

Last year, it took inspiration from the Naturalia jewellery collection of the 1990s, offering its first complicated watch for ladies, IL Giardino Tropicale di BVGLARI.

IL Giardino Marino di BVGLARI combines the art of miniature painting with haute jewellery that is the signature of BVGLARI’s artisans and the precision of Swiss fine watchmaking. In a similar way, IL Giardino Marino di BVGLARI dives into a maritime dream world, in which the silent watery landscape finds its rhythm in the harmonious oscillations of a tourbillon movement. There will only be 50 watches of each version, rendering a token of true exclusivity.

In order to emphasise the theme of maritime nature, BVGLARI’s artisans have chosen to work with authentic, natural materials, such as the mother of pearl (nacre), coral, turquoise and diamonds. To achieve this superb result, the brand’s craftsmen employed ancient techniques associated with marquetry and the skilful expertise gleaned from generations of working with high jewellery.

The creation of each edition of IL Giardino Marino di BVGLARI is like the birth of a creative spring. The ensemble requires exceptional mastery of a wide range of skills, not least of which are a special knack and a keen eye for detail that no machine could ever imitate and which can only stem from a blend of intelligence, experience, knowledge and passion.