ISTANA unveils Mimi’s Etoile diamond collection and the exotic Talita pearl and gemstone collection!

June 24, 2014 4:25 pm

ISTANA, the renowned multi-brand jewellery retailer in the UAE, unveils Mimi’s Etoile – the all-diamond collection blending white gold and diamonds set in five or seven-petal blooms and fashioned into garland necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings. Additional temptation comes your way in the form of Mimi’s astonishing Talita collection combining pink gold and purple pearls along with exotic gemstones like blue sapphires, purple sapphires, London blue topaz and amethysts and offering delicate necklaces, earrings and rings.

Mimi’s Etoile diamond collection is a floral treat where the poetic theme is a corolla of two tiny five-petal florets, one formed with navette-cut diamonds and the other with brilliants. Light, sparkling and almost invisibly linked, the pretty blooms are designed to rest delicately against the wearer’s skin. Like jasmine blooms, or snow-white lace, the innocence of a tutu or the emotion of flowers, Mimi’s Etoile pays homage to beauty in the form of art.

Pure, irregular, exotic, Mimi’s new Talita collection is inspired by atolls in the Maldives, which are coral reefs enclosing a lagoon. Their unique shape is captured in stunning detail in two rings featuring a sinuous, linear setting encrusted richly with turquoises or amethysts in slightly rounded, exclusive cuts. The same gemstones feature in the two pairs of simple or leverback earrings with or without pearls. Talita’s long necklace and rosary choker on the other hand recall the Pacific Ocean and its constellations of islands and feature purple pearls alternating with the gemstones.

The cocktail rings in Mimi’s Talita collection on the other hand are covetable treasures lavished over with irregular shape amethysts and purple sapphires inspired by the sublimely, sensual colours of orchids, while London blue topaz and blue sapphires come together to celebrate the starry nights typical of the southern hemisphere offering in turn a veritable treasure trove of jewels for discerning women this season.

Discover Mimi’s all-diamonds Etoile collection and its exotic Talita collection now exclusively available at ISTANA’s boutiques at The Dubai Mall and Burjuman Centre.